Orcish Inn Pre-Alpha Stats on itch.io

Here are the statistics for Orcish Inn's free pre-alpha on itch.io, in the hope that someone might find them useful (in terms of setting expectations or for reference):

  • 8712 downloads: 8312 Windows (95%), 400 Linux (5%)
  • 11.46 downloads per day
  • 49 purchases

This data doesn't include Steam downloads as well as the distribution via my own site and launcher. I've added Orcish Inn to itch.io on the 16th December 2016, but the game is available in general since early 2014.

A big chunk of the visitors come from other itch.io game pages where Orcish Inn got recommended as a similar game. The Simulation category as well as the Games and Games/free categories are other big sources. While I don't have any Facebook profile (anymore), Facebook is cited with a fair bunch of views. After looking this up, itch.io seems to share its games with screenshots on Facebook, so there's that (quite interesting that it still generates a relevant number of views after being posted several months ago—or there's a post which I'm not aware of). Sources generating lower numbers of visitors are YouTube and Google (perhaps by watching Let's Plays or googling my or similar games). These numbers are followed by various tag searches on itch.io, like crafting, farming and sandbox. Some also searched the game's name directly.

What's interesting: Orcish Inn gets more downloads via itch.io than as a free demo on Steam. One reason could be that not many visitors on Steam are interested in both an unfinished game and one listed as a demo. The download button on the game's Coming Soon page is also very hard to spot; some interested folks have asked me via mail where to download the game on Steam, so there's definitely an interface problem. I added a new banner on the Steam store page to draw more attention though and if there's any change in download numbers, I'll let you know.

Steam Download Banner

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