Today I Found: Someone Digging for Hidden Gems

Over at the Steam Subreddit, I found a blog post called Obscure Steam Games and Digging for Hidden Gems by Nition, where he sets up a formula to create a list of games with high ratings but low popularity:

In fact it could be that popular genres aren’t any less likely to end up in obscurity, but instead they have harsher critics who prevent them from being highly rated enough to make the top of the list!

Like I wrote in one of my previous blog posts, I think Steam will introduce further systems besides Steam Explorers which challenge Steam users to find and highlight hidden gems in return to some sort of reward. Both the games and the platform selling them would profit, when games in small niches could find their audience more easily, as in my opinion, customers in those niches are usually more comfortable to spend more money (to support further development in those niches), more attached to the game's community as well as more willingly to actually buy the game, as there isn't much to choose from.

'Today I Found' is a little series of games, pictures, articles or anything else which I think other game developers (or, to some extend, other gamers) could find interesting or inspirational. If there's any relation to the shown thing or its creators, I will state it right here.

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